Human Resource


“To attain enterprise excellence by honing skills, motivating and inspiring the true potential of Company’s human resources and providing opportunities for growth,

well-being and enrichment.”


“To create an excellent organisational culture of learning innovation, values, spirit of Teamwork and aligning business objectives with employees’ aspirations leading to development of an empowered, responsive, responsible and competent human resources.”


  • To nurture and develop human resources, up to maximum potential to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and success of the organisation.
  • To provide growth opportunities.
  • To provide job contentment through empowerment, accountability and responsibility.
  • To provide opportunity for learning and innovation.
  • To enhance the quality of life of employees and their family and social status.
  • To participate in CSR activities to improve the living conditions and enhancing capabilities of people around the company to start with.


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A JV of SPMCIL - A Govt. of India Enterprise & BRBNMPL - A Subsidiary of RBI

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